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Who I’ve Worked With

My clients are at the core of everything I do here at Phoenix Design Management. As an experienced Architect, I feel that a huge part of my work is to go above and beyond in order to create my client’s vision, so that they’ll feel confident in pursuing future projects with me. Read on to learn about past client projects.

Client 2


Smart Architecture

Some clients who approach me are not sure what they’d like done, but Hexa knew exactly what they were looking for with their project. I listened carefully and together we designed a new and modern extension for their beautiful space. Hexa was extremely satisfied and surprised by what I was able to achieve in such a short amount of time.

Client 3


Space Extension

When Targo approached me, they had a very specific design plan in mind. We had quite a few meetings and worked together in order to create a space that fit their needs and would appeal to a younger and more modern crowd. I was quite excited to work on this project! Read more about this client project or browse through the rest of my portfolio.

Client 5


Designed With the Client in Mind

This space had been around for quite a few years in San Francisco and needed some renovations, which is why Hera got in touch with me. My key goal was to maximize functionality without compromising on comfort. The results suited the venue’s general feel and the clients were extremely happy with the outcome.

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