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two storey extension
Side and Rear


We were passed this project by a builder that we frequently work with, who passes our details around his potential jobs due to the level of detail we produce in our drawing packages. This project is a two-storey extension carried out on a prominent street that encases the Darlington town center.

The proposal increases an existing residential property by the inclusion of a large two-storey extension to the side as well as a two-storey extension to the rear of the property, the internal space is adjusted to suit the client brief and offers an eye-catching house that matches other developed plots on the street.

We provided the client with full planning approval following an option process which enabled the client to review various layouts to ensure the space that they were looking for was created in our designs. The 3D Images and videos of this project allowed the planning officer to fully understand the impact of the proposal and offer approval with little input from them.

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