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4 House     new build development


Our client had acquired a plot of land that backed onto their home, the land was overgrown and was an eyesore so the new owner of the plot hoped to develop the plot in order to better the view from their property. They reached out to Phoenix Design to assist with this process.

As the development was on a central site close to the town center, in a built-up area on a sloping site it was deemed best to run some options passed the local authority through a pre-planning process. A favored option of 4No terraced houses on split levels was the outcome and we continued to develop the package on that basis.

We provided full plans and elevations of the project as well as 3D images in both sketchy and realistic formats to allow the client and planning committee to assess the scheme and make an informed choice. As well as this we produced a robust design and access statement that fully outlines the design principles as the scheme was developed to a point of submission.

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