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3D Imagery - Ontario, Canada

Project type

3D Imagery and Photomontage


Circa 2020


Ontario, Canada - [Delivered Virtually]

We were approached through our website by our overseas client to produce 3D designs for a large mixed-use project in Canada. Despite our initial doubt as to the authenticity of the job offer we went with it and were delighted that it was not only a real opportunity but also one to provide 3D visuals on a grand scale!​

We were given the full layouts of the project produced by their architect in PDF formats, we then proceeded to ‘trace’ over the scheme, with their approval in order to produce the 3D model for this fantastic building. We offered design input at the client's request with suggestions being implemented in the designs.​

The 3D images were used for local press releases and the planning process to aid the planning application committee. Early feedback suggests that the use of these 3D images was beneficial and resulted in positive feedback, we may make a ‘site visit’ in the future to see if this was the case.

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