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Social Housing Site, North Yorkshire

Project type

14 Plot Social Housing Estate, North Yorkshire


Circa 2021


Brompton - North Yorkshire

Our original client brief was developed with the owner of the land, we worked with them to carry out a pre-planning advice package to develop two 1 acres of plots of land that sandwiched his central property. The resulting information was positive enough to keep interested in the development of the two plots which would benefit the owner in many ways.​

The planning consultant whom we worked with following the pre-planning advise stage set up a meeting between the client and a local social housing facilitator, who offered the client a post-planning approval offer for the site which meant that the client could enjoy their retirement without the additional stress of developing what would have been a comprehensive package of information for the submission. ​

We then worked with the social housing facilitator to develop a planning application for what is our largest project to date. We joined part of a wider design team which included structural and civil engineers, landscape architects, and more who assisted in the development of the scheme. ​

The planning consultant imputed in the development of the project and the social housing was populated with typical house types that were commonly used by the provider, we developed a scheme that housed 9 social housing properties and we then used our years of experience in the industry to produce 5 new build houses for market value properties to ensure the project was viable.​

During the planning process, the consultees inputted and we were asked to review a certain aspect of the project due to the comments, we redesigned an area of the project to avoid a request for 3m high soundproof fencing that would not have been welcome on a prominent elevation passing the village.

Although the application had to be withdrawn due to commercial reasons we were grateful for the opportunity to work closely with the social housing providers to produce what has been our largest and most challenging project to date.

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