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4 Bedroom New Build, Reeth - North Yorkshire

Project type

New Build


Circa 2015


Reeth - North Yorkshire

The client came to us with a planning-approved building in the centre of Reeth, North Yorkshire and asked us to deliver the scheme through detailed design and construction. ​

We asked for an opportunity to optimise the current layouts as we were reluctant to carry the design forward as it stood, without the chance to enhance the design.​

The result of our appraisal is indicated. The ground floor space was created more logically with a central entrance and stairs with the snug recreated as such and not a “thoroughfare” the rear entrance was created through a utility space. A subtler WC was placed beneath the staircase.​

The first-floor space was maximised with a more fluid layout. An En-suite was included due to the space saved in rationalising the bedroom sizes and bathroom positioning.​

The elevations were updated to suit the plans however the appearance of the original did not reflect that of the building it aimed to emulate.​

To bring the elevations more in-line we made the front elevation symmetrical with the door central and the windows aligned. The rear elevations remained similar in appearance. Close liaison with the planning officer was required with a list of points appeased by the time we came to build.​

Following the optimisation of the building layout and rationalisation of the elevations the scheme was detailed with specifications and submitted to building control.​

All consultants were co-ordinated and the build was monitored on site to completion.

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