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Farm shop and cafe

west auckland

Our client on this had a successful farm shop located on a working farm, they also offered a cafe area however the space was dilapidated and becoming increasingly unsafe. The client desired a space that was a reflection of what is a successful farm shop, we gave them this with a beautiful oak framed structure with horizontal timber boarding. 

We ensured that the planning process was carried out in full and successfully to ensure that their building was fully approved to avoid any complications in the future. We provided a large printed board with the 3D visuals you see to show the customers the proposals as it was being built, as the shop was still in operation, this allowed excitement to build up to the grand opening of the beautiful addition to the space.

The structure was designed to meet the building regulations of the time offering a safe and warm environment for their loyal custom who regularly visit for the best meat produce in the area. They now hold events in the space such as band and cocktail nights.

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