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3D Visual Projects

Here at Phoenix Design Management all of our designs are created in BIM software to scale and in 3D. We take all of our 2D plans and information from our model providing a synchronised workflow. 

A benefit of this process is the creation of 3D Imagery and Walkthroughs that offer our clients the opportunity to see their build at the very beginning of the process. It also allows 3rd parties such as Builders and Planning Committees to visualise the project as they price the job or consider its merits through the planning application process. 

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3D Imagery

3D Architecture can be an essential part of a building design we can offer Internal 3D Imagery alongside External 3D Architecture to really emphasise the impact a building will have on its occupancy and those around them who will enjoy its beauty.

We aim to produce a Photo Realist 3D Image required to capture the essence of the build, the imagery could be used for Social Media purposes as well as other Marketing strategies. 

3D PhotoMontage

Using a combination of BIM design software, gaming software, and photo manipulation we can offer 3D Photomontage of our developments to blend our Award Winning 3D Architecture with real-time photographs to create an essence of what will be seen when the building is created. 

This type of 3D Imagery can provide valuable knowledge to the Planning Committee as they mull over the Architectural Project.

3D Video

3D Video Walkthroughs go one stage further in bringing your design to life, its movement literally breaths life into the project like no other method of 3D Architecture with people and items placed for the context you get to see your Architectural dream in real-time. 

3D Sketchy Images

In order to keep our 3D Imagery and building modeling as accessible as possible we can create a sketchy style that can be easily achieved and avoid the time taken to create more Photo Realistic Architectural Renders.

This style of 3D Architecture can be nice within a Pre-planning Application document or a Feasibility Design in the early stages of an Architectural Design Project.

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